It’s time to ring in a New Year! With 2013 approaching, many of us are preparing for our New Year’s Eve celebration. Each year, more and more people choose to stay off the roads and out of the restaurants during the holiday. This year, I will be ringing in the new year at home with my family and friends (2yo & 6mo included). Yes, believe it or not there are some very fun, kid-friendly ways to celebrate the New Year!

Get Dressed Up in Your Most Fabulous Outfit: I’m talking bright makeup, glitter, tutus, bow-ties, funky socks! Make everyone included feel like they are getting ready for a very special, fun event.

Have the Kids Help Decorate the House: This is a great way to include some kid-craft time. Make homemade party hats, streamers, blowers, and other decorating/party supplies. Let the kids be creative!

Supply Grape or Apple Juice for the Midnight Toast: Many kids fall asleep before the big ball drop, but if your little one can make it, let them be included in the toast. Grape and apple juice are both great drinks to use for the toast.

Let the Kids Write Their New Year’s Resolution: This one can be a lot of fun! Have the kids write (or do it for them) some of their New Year’s resolutions and then share them throughout the night. I bet you will be surprised at some of the stuff they come up with!

Rent Movies: Make it a movie and popcorn night. Some people prefer a low-key/ relaxing night, and what better way than to watch a bunch of kid-friendly movies. Stay in your pajamas, get out a couple of movies, make some popcorn and enjoy time with your little one.

Play Games as a Family: Get out the board or card games, and make it a family game night. Choose games the whole family can enjoy. Bingo is always fun!

Whatever you choose to do for the New Year, make sure to stay safe, have fun and be thankful for everything you have!!

Happy 2013 Everyone!!