Thanks to the great wild world of DIY and style bloggers, we have access to some of the best beauty tricks. None is more annoying yet rewarding than pulling off a great hairdo. But, many times an edgy look or big change takes a lot of commitment. You never remember how your stylist did it or how to properly use the $50 product you bought. Here are 8 temporary ways to change up your hair:

1. Chalking: This is actually as simple as it sounds. Buy a pack of “soft chalk”, NOT oil pastels, and twist a section of your hair and rub it in. Depending on your hair type, color and whether it’s treated, you may want to wet your hair. Read more about the dos and dont’s of this look here. Image Credit here


2. Pinning Long Hair to Look Short: You can easily rock a commitment free bob with Seventeen’s tutorial. It’s only 6 steps. The finished look is adorable! Click here for the full tutorial. 


3. Fake Highlights: You can use pieces of hair extensions to fake a dramatic high or low light before you go through with the salon appointment. Watch this YouTube tutorial for step by step instruction. Click here for video. Image Credit here


4. Quick Curls: Braid your hair before you go to bed. I would spray some anti-frizz hairspray or apply a little bit of ant-frizz serum before the actual braiding. This could be a twist braid or an actual woven braid. Tie each braid with a hair band and clip each section up. Let it sit the whole night and unclip in the morning! Image Credit here


5. Temporary Color Using Markers: Pay very good attention to this tutorial. Much like the chalk process, you have to buy the correct kind of marker. You will need Crayola Washable Markers. Don’t worry, this is a super temporary look. The markers are non-toxic and water based. So, they wash out in 2 thorough washes. Click here for the full tutorial.


6. Another Faux Short Haired Look: This is an even more vintage inspired bob. You simply gather and pin your hair to the side. Click here for the full instructions.