6 healthy popcorn toppings

Who doesn’t love popcorn? While it’s okay to indulge in that movie theater popcorn every once in awhile, do NOT try to recreate it at home. The  typical movie theater popcorn is cooked in trans fat oils, and then drenched in “fake” butter and loads of salt and msg, (which has you wanting more)….as well as artificial color and flavor. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, the average medium bag contains roughly 800 calories!! YIKES!!

By air popping your own, you can bring that number down to under 100 calories per 3 cups and with just a little imagination and playing around in the kitchen with a few spices, you can turn it into a very yummy, healthy snack!!

I’ve listed below a few of my favorite ways to top my “air popped” corn:

  • Cheese Please – Sprinkled over hot popcorn,  nutritional yeast will add a cheesy flavor with the added bonus of being  full of B-vitamins,  essential amino acids and  protein.
  • Coconut oil & Himalayan salt – Will add a smooth nutty taste. Melt coconut oil then drizzle over popcorn, adding salt to taste. YUM!
  • Sweet & Spicy – If you are craving something sweet, this is sure to please!! Drizzle 1tbs melted coconut oil and 1 tbs of honey over popcorn and sprinkle with cinnamon. Caution this will be sticky!! * For an extra treat, toss in a tbs of dark chocolate chips.
  • Olive oil & Rosemary – Heat olive oil and dried rosemary sprigs in a pan, then toss over fresh popped corn. Add a little sea salt and enjoy!
  • Tex -Mex  – Give your popcorn a Mexican flare. Toss with 1Tbs of olive oil, and 1/2 tsp each of chili, garlic, cumin and a pinch of cayenne powder and sea salt.
  • Sea Salt & Lime – Squeeze fresh lime juice over popcorn and toss with sea salt. So simple and adds no extra calories!

The possibilities are endless – mix & match a few flavors and come up with your own creative creation!