Chili is a huge part of the winter and fall, and it comes in so many different ways. A hearty bowl of chili is the perfect dinner when the weather turns cold outside. Whether you like vegetarian, beef, chicken, turkey, white bean or kidney beans, we have the perfect chili recipe for you!

White Bean and Turkey Chili: It also helps to throw in a little chorizo when with this chili because it adds just the right amount of spice, but it’s good with or without it. (via Martha Stewart)

Skinny Vegetarian Mexican Chili: This vegetarian chili practically makes itself! The cheese on top is listed as an optional topping, but there is nothing optional about it when you taste it! Find the recipe for this delicious Skinny Mom recipe here!

Cincinnati Chili: This recipe is for all you awesome folk that love Cincinnati-style chili. Serve it over spaghetti noodles for that ultimate Cincinnati experience! Find out how to make Cincinnati Chili here!

Vegetarian Chili with Avocado Salsa: If you’re a sucker for avocado, throw it in your chili for another great vegetarian option. With only 313 calories per serving, you’ll be amazed at just how filling this chili is. The addition of barley thickens it up some and gives it a unique taste that will have you coming back for more. (via My Recipes)

White Chili: This amazing chili is no exception to The Pioneer Woman’s delicious recipes. You’ll love it. Try it. ‘Nuf said. (via The Pioneer Woman)

Chunky Two-Bean and Beef Chili: At first glance this recipe looks like a lot of work, but it’s not. If you don’t have red wine on hand, you can substitute with chicken or beef broth. If you’re more of a fan of stew, this is your chili recipe! (via My Recipe)