I practically live in my bathing suit all summer long. If you’re like me, you know just how important a good cover up is for summer style and function. When looking for the perfect cover up, I consider style, functionality and what parts of the body will be flattered in the cover up. Since I have teenagers in and out of my house all day, as well as unexpected guests, it’s important I have something appropriate to throw on in a pinch!  Here are a few of my favorites!

Kimono Style Caftan from Victoria’s Secret. I love this whole look and how it cinches in the middle. The beading around the neckline is super fashionable while the cut and flow of this cover up provides ultimate comfort. Check out similar styles here.


Jen’s Booty Ombre Fringe Triangle Shawl/Sarong from Free People. This shawl/sarong is so versatile and I love the laid back, stylish look!  Check it out here.


Tunic Dress from Swell.com. The detail on the chest of this cover up provides the perfect summer look, and I absolutely adore this style cover up paired with a hat! Buy it here.


Vest Ponch from _____. This may be a new look to some, but seriously how fabulous is it? I’m not sure if I’ll ever be bold enough to wear full on jewelry to the pool or beach, but this vest ponch definitely amps up a mom’s summer style!


Long Fringe Sweater from The Oxford Trunk. I own and love this sweater and get an obnoxious amount of compliments on it! Check out similar styles here.


The Beach Pant from Victoria’s Secret. For a cute and casual look that provides ultimate comfort, you have to try on a pair of beach pants. I love this style from Victoria’s Secret and this specific color pairs well with most suits! Check this look out here!


Sunscreen from Sun Bum. The most important cover up is some serious sunscreen application! To keep your skin protected, you should be applying sunscreen every time you’re outside. For sunscreen myths vs facts, click here!