I am just dying to share with you all, some VERY exciting things for my personal achievements! As most of you know, if you have read previous blogs from me, I have had many medical and physical hurdles to overcome! I was one of three ladies chosen for the first Skinny Mom 6 Month Weight Loss Challenge, which I was so grateful. I definitely needed to make a change in my lifestyle, begin (again) to eat healthy and try my best to move around and at least walk, even if only to the stop sign! Back in June, when we were chosen, I was on Morphine patches for pain, muscle relaxers for the constant spasms in my neck and back, Neurontin for my nerve pain due to herniated and ruptured discs in my neck, and it just went on and on!

Well, after all these things, depression starts to set in, especially when your Doctor forces you to quit your job (career) that you have done for 27yrs, you have two kids in college and the normal two income family obligations…UGH!! I knew that I couldn’t do my job any longer; I couldn’t even get off the drugs and be in only tolerable pain! The heavy duty pain meds/muscle relaxers only brought my pain level from off the chart to about an 8 on a 0-10 scale!

How in the world was I going to lose 56 pounds in 6 months if I couldn’t even walk to the stop sign without being in severe pain? Well, something I didn’t know before is that diet (healthy foods) is 80% of the battle! Wow! That’s the one thing I could change! So, I cleaned out the pantry, used the shopping lists that were sent to us as well as the meal plans for our success! I was VERY surprised that my weight began falling off! I always thought that you had to do aerobic activity to lose any weight, never just change the foods and quantity that you are eating…as I began losing the weight, I also was able to start walking very short distances, per my Physical Therapist!

In the beginning, there was pain and shortness of breath and weakness! I was determined to be able to walk without pain, so I tried every day just down the street and back. Before long, I was walking for 30mins a day and finally, an hour a day with greater distance and less pain! It has been really exciting and motivating to see this transformation! My family has been encouraging and supportive. They also celebrate my little successes and encourage me when I hit a plateau or give in to temptation like cravings. I am very excited to share with you all that I have no pain in my body, no pain meds, only Ibuprofen twice daily and I have gone from walking 2.3 miles a day to a “5K a Day!” Something catchy that I thought made it more fun! My first 5K day was Friday and then one a day, everyday, from here to the end of the challenge!

Currently, I am down 27lbs, went from a size 18 to a size 12! I am SO EXCITED! When I was apparently on a plateau, I cut even more carbohydrates from my plan and increased my water intake to 1 gallon a day! My walking increased in distance and in speed to “power walking!” My Physical Therapist is amazed at my progress and has also given me permission to begin lunges, squats, and a bit of core exercises. I finally feel somewhat in control of my fitness program, but am careful not to do jogging or any kind of jumping or twisting! I have more energy, I feel better and my BMI is coming down to a healthier level, as well as my overall cholesterol. YAY!☺ My HDL is climbing because of my dedication to my brisk walks DAILY. My Doctor is amazed at my progress and is impressed that I have pushed through my physical and medical hurdles.

On another note, one of my passions which is my garden, is really producing lots of tomatoes, lettuce and spinach as well as herbs and cucumber which all happen to be in my meal plans!☺ My personal goal is to have lost 56lbs by New Years Eve, which happens to be around the end of the challenge.

Vada’s grandchildren

So, I have a plan, I am dedicated to making this a permanent lifestyle change and the walks as part of my daily routine; just as a shower is for me! As you all know, I am a Full-Time Grandma and have my Granddaughter daily, my grandson on Fridays and a newborn on Tuesdays! You can see that I do not just sit around doing nothing! We use the appropriate stroller for the kids that are with me and we set out with water, snacks (for the kids), and sunscreen! They are always good and sometimes nap while Grandma works her butt off, literally! Ha Ha!☺ It has been so much fun for me to participate in this challenge and I will keep blogging so that you can keep up with my progress!