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There are a million reason why being fit is great. I actually don’t know if there is a single reason why being fit doesn’t rock. There are only so many things that can make you feel fabulous and healthy, both physically and mentally, and being fit is definitely one of them. While this can be an endless list, here are my top 50 reasons why being fit rocks!

1. You look great.

2. You feel great.

3. You are healthy.

4. Your heart is strong.

5. It gives you confidence.

6. Your body is strong.

7. It strengthens your immune system.

8. You push yourself outside your comfort zone.

9. You try new things.

10. You find your passion.

11. makes you a better mom.

12. It makes you a better wife/girlfriend.

13. You are more confident on a date.

14. It makes you a better friend.

15. It relieves stress.

16. You have more energy.

17. It improves your sex life.

18. It strengthens your bones and joints.

19. You get a toned body.

20. You get stronger abdominal muscles.

21. You feel like you can conquer anything.

22. Shopping is fun with your fit body.

23. Your skin clears up.

24. You hardly ever get sick.

25. The opposite sex notices you.

26. You spend more time being active.

27. You prolong your life.

28. You are smarter.

29. You feel proud of yourself and what you have accomplished.

30. You are comfortable in a bathing suit.

31. You are comfortable getting compliments.

32. Your cholesterol is low.

33. Your blood pressure is good.

34. You eat healthier and are conscious of what you eat.

35. You have respect for your body.

36. You try new foods.

37. You don’t have to “suck in your belly”.

38. You can keep up with your kids/grand kids/nieces/nephews.

39. You don’t have to make excuses for being unhealthy.

40. You are comfortable at the beach or pool.

41. You feel good in tight clothing.

42. Your lungs are healthy.

43. Your butt looks good in anything.

44. You can wear frumpy clothes and still look good.

45. You feel empowered.

46. You don’t have to worry when you have an occasional treat/junk food.

47. You don’t have a muffin top.

48. You like getting your picture taken.

49. Your boobs don’t sag.

50. You feel ready to take on other challenges.

I want to hear from other mommas. Why does being fit rock to you?