We’ve almost made it to the end of January, and hopefully that means you’ve had an amazing month of healthy choices to make 2014 the best year ever! Trust us, we know that motivation can be tough to come by sometimes, so whether it’s motivation to keep you on track, get you going or get you back on the horse, we’ve got you covered! Use this list of totally motivating products to make your resolutions a new way of life!

Moleskin Wellness JournalIs there anything more satisfying than marking things off your list? Journals are the perfect place to sort out your thoughts, jot down ideas, and manage your lists, but this one does so much more! This classic journal also boast some fun extra pages dedicated to food facts, food calendars, as well as measures and conversions!

Moleskin wellness journal

Tervis Tumbler: Never Never Never Give UpWhether you’re looking for a new way to dress up your morning tea or trying to motivate yourself to drink more water throughout the day, this little tumbler is perfect! Get determined, stay motivated and never give up!


Nike FuelbandKeep motivation right on your wrist! Nike’s Fuelband Activity Tracker keeps track of your steps taken, calories burned and physical activity throughout the day!


Nike Fuelband

Pact: Earn Cash for Healthy LivingGet paid to keep your resolutions! The Pact app lets users set healthy living goals and earn cash for living up to them. The cash comes from the users who fail to complete the goals they set. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is!

iPhone app GymPact for staying on track with your goals

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us: Look at motivation in a whole new way with Daniel Pink’s book “Drive.” Rather than focusing on rewards, Pink suggests that our real motivations comes from a desire to direct our lives, learn, create and do right by ourselves and others.

Drive the book by Daniel Pink

“There Will Be No Jiggle in My Wiggle” Workout Towel: When things get tough, the tough learn to have a good laugh! Let this adorable towel wick away your sweat and put a smile on your face, even during your toughest workouts!

White workout towel with green label message

“My Life” Tote: Remember what your healthy living goals are all about with this motivating tote! Use this as a cute produce bag for your local farmers market, or toss in your bottled water, a towel, and your iPod and head to the gym!

The Quantum Scale: Stop fearing the scale! This Quantum Scale is about to become your new best friend. This scale never shows your weight! Simply weigh in when you are starting your diet, and each time you step on the scale the only number that comes up is your loss or gain since the initial weigh in!

Pink quantum scale

Striped V-neck Bikini: Looking for the ultimate motivation? Buy a bikini! Even better, buy this bikini! This totally cute and bold beach look lets you show off all your hard work, without revealing too much!

red and white striped bikini

Run for Gosling Tank: Yeah, that should do it. If only this shirt could be true. Even if the only things waiting for you at the finish line are a pile of dirty laundry and an inbox filled with unanswered email, let sweet thoughts of Noah, um we mean Ryan, distract you during the last mile of your run!

white tank that says run like ryan gosling is waiting for you at the finish line

Hand Stamped Mantra Charm “Fit” With Jersey Knit Bracelet: For a fun, cute way to keep your motivation always at hand, try out one of these jersey knit bracelets! You can wear a simple bracelet or double them up for more of a cuffed look! They come in all sorts of colors so you can personalize your motivation!


Mind Over Matter Motivational Decal: Get some serious focus in your home gym with this wall decal! Whether it’s going that extra mile or forcing in one more set, this bold message brings some intense motivation.


Believe In Yourself, Long Necklace: This necklace is a simple, chic reminder to believe in you! The silver beaded chain makes this necklace perfect to wear any day of the week! Then when you need a pick-me-up all you have to do is look down at this sweet silver motivator!


Step Away From The Fridge Magnet: For them moments when you just can’t stop yourself, let this magnet give you a hand! Stop and think… “Am I really hungry?” “Am I bored?” “Have I worked out today?” Let this little magnet be your moment of clarity when cravings kick in!

Stop fridge magnet

Hand Stamped Copper and Stainless Steel Weightlifting Necklace: This motivating necklace is quick reminder of why you hit it so hard at the gym! Keep this powerful quote nearby for the moments when you are ready to take it easy on yourself! Push harder and reach your goals!


Now Is the Time Wallpaper: Stop putting off your goals. Now is the time to start making positive changes! Keep this handy reminder on your computer desktop, tablet or smartphone!

Now Is The Time Computer Wallpaper

Mountain Bike Art Giclée 8×10 Print – Ride Today Trail Ride Motivation Bicycle: If mountain biking is your favorite form of exercise, keep this print close to you! Use this piece of art to remind yourself to make exercise a daily practice!


FT4 Heart Rate Monitor: Trying out spinning, running or just hitting up a new fitness class at the gym? Always know your heart rate to get the maximum benefits from your workout with this heart rate monitor! This monitor not only tracks your heart rate, but also the calories you have burned!



Stamina 15-0120 InStride Cycle XL Pedal Exerciser: For a simple, lightweight product to use at home or at the office, try this pedal exerciser. Use for a light resistance workout at your desk to keep yourself on the move all day long!


Strong is the New Sexy Gym Bag: Ready to hit the weights? Start by picking up this totally cute “Strong is the New Skinny” gym bag, then get out there and work it girl! It’s made with a water resistant material to stand up to even your sweatiest gym clothes!

Gym bag that says Strong is the New Sexy

Good Things Come Thermos Food Jar: This thermos is the perfect size for packing up a healthy soup or snack to take to the office! It’s made to keep food hot or cold, so no matter what you are bringing in for lunch, this thermos is ready to handle it!


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