Trey traveling with Mommy
How overly dramatic! It’s certainly not life or death but it can be a challenge if your spouse or significant other travels for work, especially on the weekends. I find myself in this predicament from time to time and more frequently as of late since I am no longer welcome to fly the friendly skies at 9 months pregnant!

The question is: how to remain busy, happy and sane while caring for a toddler when you are down a set of helpful hands!

My tips for a successful weekend without my better half:

  1. Schedule your days in advance. Play dates, lunch with friends, visit to the zoo… plan whatever it is that you (and your little one) will enjoy and pencil it in. Pencil allows for last minute changes if needed.
  2.  Keep your spouse/significant other in the loop. Thank goodness for smart phones! Send photos, videos, voice recordings throughout the day so that your partner feels like they are a part of the fun and not missing out. Time away from loved ones isn’t just hard on the ones at home! 🙂
  3.  Revel in your Routine. Maintaining a routine will help pass the time quickly without letting your kids know anything unusual is going on with your partner gone.
  4. Allow for Alone/Adult Time. Don’t punish yourself for needing a little alone time. Caring for a child/children is a lot of work so ask a friend for a favor, hire a sitter or drop the kids off for some grandparent goodness while you take a breather.
  5. Keep positive. My last but most important bit of advice is to always be positive and recognize that, while no one likes to be away from our loved ones, this too shall pass and before you know it your partner will be home. Your partner will appreciate your great attitude and reciprocate when the time comes for you to be away.

How do you like to pass time when your spouse or significant other is away?