I just got back from a seven-day island vacation, and although I was looking forward to it for months and overall super excited I was also a tad anxiety ridden.  A seven day tropical vacation means seven days on the beach in a bikini, seven days without my kitchen, seven days without my gym (and in this case any gym because the place I was staying at didn’t have a gym at all), seven days without my familiar grocery stores, seven days of happy hours, seven days of temptation and laziness, UGH!!!!  I’ve noticed that month’s worth of hard work can be undone with a single gluttonous vacation.  Now I’m no scientist, but it seems to me that it should take just as long to put it back on as it did to lose it, but we all know that’s not the case.  I work hard and eat clean so I refuse to let one little vacation turn me into Chris Farley.  So here’s my tips for staying on point while still enjoying yourself on vacation, and I’m proud to say I felt just as comfortable on the beach on the last day as I did the first.

  1. Don’t eat out three meals a day.  Listen I know you’re on vacation and you want to indulge, but don’t eat out three meals a day fool!  Trust me, both your wallet and your waistline will thank you.  Now I’m not suggesting you spend half your vacation cooking white fish and chicken breasts, I’m not a total weirdo.  The night before I left I hard boiled about 2 dozen eggs and packed them in a cooler for the week, then I threw natural peanut butter, whole-wheat bagels, IsaGenix IsaLean shake mix, and my Magic Bullet blender in my suitcase and I was good for the week.  I treated myself out to one meal (usually dinner) a day.  Other great travel options are oatmeal, protein powders, and even frozen shrimp (make sure you put the frozen shrimp in a carryon cooler and not your suitcase Einstein).
  2. Don’t eat two cheat meals in a row.  If you had banana pancakes and bacon (which I did) for breakfast, don’t have a meatball sub for lunch.  Maybe it’s just me, but two cheat meals in a row seem to just totally tank the whole day and make it way too easy to slide into a third cheat.
  3. For crying out loud make sure you eat!  We’ve all been guilty of skipping meals, and we all know what happens, we end up so hungry we cheat with junk.  Every day I made myself get off the beach for about 15 minutes to have an IsaLean shake.
  4. Pack your workout clothes.  I confess, I’m normally super guilty of packing workout gear and never even taking it out of my suitcase, but this time I dragged my lazy bum out of my bed for a couple morning workouts.  Sure I probably looked like a nut job working out on my patio, but who cares?  And yes I probably should have worked out a couple more days, or maybe done longer sessions but every little bit helps.  This sounds corny but I swear working out a few times made it a little easier to behave myself for the rest of the day, so just try to work out a couple times, ok?
  5. Watch the alcohol. Just because you don’t have to chew it doesn’t mean it won’t give you a big fat bum.  According to my girl Siri, the average pina colada has 644 calories, frozen margaritas clock in at about 700 calories and frozen mudslides range from 500 to over 1100 calories depending on their base.  Just in case you know even less about nutrition than me, that’s a ton of calories, a ton, like McDonald’s level of calories.  Throw back a couple of frozen drinks a day and your bikini bottoms might split by the end of your trip.  For the record, I’m not a total buzz kill; I had three frozen drinks during the week, just not all on the same day, and not late at night.

You might be reading this and thinking to yourself “no thanks, I would rather drink fatty frozen drinks and stuff cheese in my gullet my whole vacation”, and hey that’s your prerogative.  You’re (probably) a grownup, and you can eat and drink whatever you want (and honestly the less cute competition I have the better), just remember, regardless of what that hot guy at the bar said, what you do on vacation does in fact count.  The post vacation blues blow, and they blow all the more if you come home up a dress size.

Photo Credit: maren maren via Compfight cc