You all know what I am talking about!  That hanging lump of skin and fat covered with stretch marks just right below your belly button!  It’s that one accessory that you are constantly having to “tuck back in”?  I wonder why we never see pictures of celebrity pouch slips!?!?!  Another story for another day!

Today let’s touch base on how to get rid of the dreaded “mommy pouch”.  I’ve been doing this basic exercise routine for a few months now, and am in LOVE with the results I am seeing.  The best part is it doesn’t require any extra equipment or a lot of time!  It’s just a series of simple, effective crunches.

Before we get started let’s make sure we are doing a crunch correctly.  Lay flat on your back with your knees raised up, and your feet planted firmly on the ground.  Arms behind your head and lift your head up.  Okay, stop there and check out your positioning!  Is your chin tucked it!?  Are your elbows in front of your face now?  If you answered yes, start over.  It’s much more important to have a quality crunch than to do 100 the wrong way.  NEVER tuck in your chin, always breathe, and keep your hands behind your head, but not pushing up against it!  Alrighty…let’s go!

  1. Start out slow and work your way up!  First do 20 (or more if you can) basic crunches, like the one you just practiced.
  2. Now do a set of 20 crunches to alternating sides.  Raise up twisting your body to one side, then down.  Then twist to the other side and down.
  3. Now bring your legs up.  You should look as though you are sitting in a chair/laying on the ground!  Got it?  Raise your buttocks up while slightly tilting your knees towards your head.  Your head should never move.  Then place your buttocks back on the floor and knees back to their chair position.  This is all one move.  Do another 20 (or more of these)  Be sure to tighten up your hiney!!
  4. Lay flat, legs and all, on the ground.  Place one hand behind your head and raise your head up off the floor slightly.  The opposite had pointed at your side- move this one towards your foot, like a slight reach and then back.  Do 20 (or more) of these on each side.
  5. End with another set of basic crunches, and a few push ups if you’re feeling crazy!

Do this work out 3 or more times a week, with the correct form, and you will start to see your mid section melt right off!!  What post baby workout has made the biggest impact in your health goals!?

Photo Credit: jypsygen via Compfight cc