There are so many more waterbound games than Marco Polo. Swimming is a fabulous total body exercise that will keep your kids moving and entertained. Mix up the activities with these 5 clever games:

1. Butterfinger Ball: Perfect for the younger children, but also tons of fun for other kids as well! All you need is a beach ball and sunscreen! (via Janne.CC)

2. Cannonball Pool Jump: This activity is as simple as it sounds! How could we leave out this classic? It’s a fun way to keep the kids up and moving! (via KidSpot) Photo Credit here.


3. Shark in the Water: This game is a fun way to play tag in the water, and is sure to entertain your kids for hours! There’s a video tutorial for this activity as well. (via KidSpot)

4. Dolphin Relay Race: Races can be fun, but this race will almost be more entertaining for you to watch! Set up teams and give each team a beach ball. The racer must swim across the pool pushing the ball with only their nose and head–get the dolphin thing now? (via Photo Credit here.


5. Human Whirlpool: Let your kids create their own waves with this activity! The result of this game is a mini wave pool, which all the kids can enjoy. (via eHow)