We all remember those days when we could wear whatever we wanted and we all looked great.  But after having children, that might not always be possible.  Always work with your body shape and play up your best features.  Certain articles of clothing look better on some than others, but here are a few tricks to making your body look long and lean.

1. Maxi Dresses – Summer is the perfect time to test out maxi dresses if you have yet to own one! They are an easy outfit to slip on for a summer picnic or just running out the door for errands.  They are typically lose fitting which helps hide any tummy issues you think you might have.  Plus, they make you look taller, which ultimately thins you out.  If you are nervous about it pick a solid and give it a try! For the fall, add a denim jacket or light cardigan to the dress, and you’ll still get the same results.

2. High Waist Pants – High waist pants work similar to maxi dresses.  They make your legs look longer and they smooth out your tummy.  Back in the day, low rise jeans were all the rage, but now you don’t want anything hanging over.  High waist pants also give you a more sophisticated look while still being very fashionable.

3. Layers – Fall is the perfect time to layer up! Think of layers as a fashionable way to wear Spanx, without actually having to go to the store to purchase them! Layers will also look very cute this fall, especially if you mix your prints.  They smooth out any bumps and hide anything you don’t particularly like.

4. All Black – This is a timeless tale.  However, black really is slimming plus it looks great on everyone.  All black is great for any occasion too. The quickest way to appear slimmer is black, as easy at that!

5. High Heels – Heels are another fun and flirty way to make yourself look slimmer.  Heels obviously make you taller, and make your legs look longer and leaner.  They will pull all the attention to your legs and away from an area you would prefer to camouflage.

6. Good Posture – Now this isn’t quite a fashion tip, but stand up straight! You’ll instantly look slimmer.  If you are constantly hunched over, you will look slightly heavier and shorter.  Be confident in your hot body and walk around with great posture, you’ll immediately look better!