Sure, it’s easy to set a couple fitness goals for yourself, but what about actually reaching them? It’s a lot easier said than done. We’ve got five tips for you to help you meet your goals and become the healthier, fitter you!

Setting Your Fitness Goals: When setting goals, one of two things normally happens.

  • Many people set their goals far too low and then never experience their full potential.
  • Or, in most cases they set goals too high and give up far too easily on them.

Don’t let this happen to you! Set a practical fitness goal that you know you can reach. Then, one you’ve reached it, set another higher one!

Expecting Change: Many gym newbies will set goals and then expect to see change with their efforts. It can take weeks to see change in your body so you have to expect that it can take while. Don’t give up. In order for a change to take place, you must make some adjustments in what you have been doing. It doesn’t just happen with a magical pill or blink of an eye.

Daily Goals and Long Term Goals: Setting daily and long term goals are important to keep you focused and motivated on your journey. A daily goal may be to complete your entire cardio or training plan for that particular day.  A long term goal would be to work your way up to running several miles or even participating in a local fitness competition.

female fitness runner

Lifestyle Changes: Making lifestyle changes means saying NO a lot. No to the office snacks, no to the cupcakes and no to your best friend’s homemade dish. It can take a lot of willpower, but if it’s your goal then this is what you must do. Friends and family may not understand at first why one bite will hurt and some of them will even give you a hard time. Don’t give in! Lifestyle changes may involve changing your family’s eating habits if they’re willing to give it a try. If you’re an occasional drinker, it may mean staying away from the wine and sugar-loaded drinks and staying in for more family or gym time. Friday nights are the perfect time to get in a workout. Then gym isn’t crowded and you can get a lot accomplished!

Adjusting Your Schedule for Training: This is big for most women. We feel the need to do everything, so it can be hard to delegate tasks to others. Sometimes we have to figure out what really needs to be done and what can wait. Making use of all extra time can make a difference. Getting more time out of your day by waking up early, making use of lunch breaks, and going straight to the gym after work are all great ways to fit in a workout.

What do you keep in mind when reaching your fitness goals? Share with us in the comments below!