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Missing your summer skin already? Our tans have slowly faded and winter winds have briskly rushed in to attack our skin that was healthy and hydrated just a couple months ago. Cracked lips and dry, itchy, painful skin does not have to be part of your winter! Use these 5 tips to keep your skin soft, glowing and ready to show off on New Year’s Eve!


Moisturize your lips: Don’t let your lips get cracked! Keep lip balm with you at all times! Keep a stick in your bedroom, bathroom, purse, car, desk, and your kid’s room! I love using the fun new Christmas flavors this time of year and kids do too! I know it’s always a struggle to keep your little one’s lips from getting chapped as well, and making lip balm a little more fun will help them get excited about keeping their little lips soft!


Don’t forget about your feet: I know, I know… every day we’re bundling up our feet! Between the socks, slippers, boots, and tights we slide on those suckers every day, you think they’d be pretty well protected, but the cold, winter weather gets to our toosties too! Trust me, taking care of your feet this winter will be well worth it when you go to slip into your fave flip-flops this spring! I help my feet stay a little fancier in the winter by making time for at least one pedicure and putting moisturizer on my feet and then add cozy socks on top each night before bed! Bye-bye cracked heels! Read Flip Flop Foot Camp for more maintenance tips!


Change up your facial moisturizer: It’s time to pack away your light moisturizer that got you through the summer. Now is the time for laying it on thick! Bulk up your moisturizer during the winter months to help keep your face looking healthy and young!


Keep dry air at bay: While I can’t control the windy, dry conditions outside, the air inside my home is a different story!  Make sure you have a humidifier going in your home and even in your office if you can. Humidifiers add moisture back in to the air and keep your skin from drying out. There are tons of options to choose from, and one of the best places I have found to shop for them is HUMIDIFIERS.COM. You can get one that you stick in your basement and it works on your whole home. Or, you can get one made for a single room. Some of these guys are seriously cute! I keep an orange one in Easton’s room to help keep his sensitive skin from getting dry and to help him sleep a little easier at night!

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Hydrate from the inside out: Is there anything that drinking more water doesn’t help? My last tip for you to keep your skin healthy this winter is to drink more water! I know a cold glass of water doesn’t sound quite as appealing when it’s below freezing outside, but water is the best way to help your skin this winter! You can always try heating up the water and adding a little lemon in for a warm winter water! Water just doesn’t do it for you? Try our Slim Down Detox Water for a tasty addition!

Keep these tips in mind this winter and spring will be here before you know it! Have other tips for healthy winter skin? Leave them in the comments section below!

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