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Dark circles, we all hate them and yet despite our best efforts, at one time or another, most women will suffer from them. Before you pile on the concealer certain that it’s your only true defense, try these steps to minimize if not eliminate dark circles altogether.

Get your beauty sleep… Sure, getting in your 8 hours a night may make you feel amazing and energized but it improves your looks as well. Lack of sleep is the most common cause of dark circles, so try to increase the amount of shut eye you get each night. Even an extra 30-60 minutes a night can make a huge difference.

Eat your veggies… If lack of sleep is not the problem, a deficiency in Vitamins K and B-12 may be. While it’s always helpful to use supplements for the nutrients your diet may be lacking, it’s always better to get the goods straight from the source. Try replacing just one meal a day with a large veggie packed salad or add two servings of veggies to your dinner in place of a starch.

Control your allergies… For many women, dark circles are a seasonal issue, often becoming worse in the spring or fall. To combat this issue, make sure you’re taking allergy medication before your symptoms get too bad. It may also be beneficial to speak with an ENT Specialist about regular allergy shots or drops to keep things under control year round.

Get out the tea bags…Tea bags have been a dark circle remedy for years and many experts claim it is the tannin in the tea bags that does the trick. Dip two caffeinated tea bags in cool water and then place over closed eyes for 10-15 minutes.

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Time for potatoes… Potatoes are another well known natural remedy for dark circles. Puree one large, uncooked potato and then scoop the pureed potato on to closed eyes. Relax for 20-30 minutes, then wash and reveal.

If after all of these remedies you still find yourself plagued by dark circles, it may be time to visit your doctor. Dark circles can be more than just a badge of a busy lifestyle, they may be a warning sign of something more serious like Gluten intolerance or pigmentation irregularities, so if remedies fail, get to the doctor ASAP!