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Your morning routine sets the tone for the day. Mornings can either give your day a positive punch or be the most chaotic time of the day. Putting into action a few of these tips can smooth out your morning and contribute to a wrinkle-free day!

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Start your morning the night before. It’s amazing how much a little nighttime preparation can do to make a morning easier. Start by choosing your OOTD — Outfit of the Day. Knowing beforehand what you’ll wear the next day keeps you from standing in the closet with a glazed-over look, trying to figure out what you feel like wearing. Take it a step further by doing this for everyone in the house!

  • Bonus tip: Take a moment to check the weather forecast to ensure the clothes you choose are appropriate in order to avoid a last-minute change.

Lay out your workout clothes. This is a double-duty helper, as it motivates you to keep your morning workout appointment and has you already prepared. If you work out later in the day or go the gym, pack your workout bag the night before. Find out how to pack that bag here!

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Think a happy thought. The best way to officially start your morning is with a positive thought. Before rolling out of bed, read a Bible verse or inspirational quote. Great apps are available for just this or you can visit Skinny Mom’s inspiration page! A positive mindset goes a long way toward setting the stage for a good day.

Take a few moments to pre-pack lunches the night before. Get together everything for the lunches in your house that need to go out the next day. Don’t forget to pack snacks, too! This helps you make healthy food choices throughout the day, as well as saves precious time in the morning.

  • Bonus tip: Lunch boxes too large to fit in your refrigerator? Stack everything together in one place on one shelf or even in a lunch bin in the fridge for easy grabbing.


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Double Duty “Know” How! Whether it’s news, traffic or social media updates, there are some things you may need to know before you leave your house. Double-duty at certain times to get this information. Watch your morning local news while getting yourself ready. Scroll through Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites while brushing your teeth. Get the lowdown on the day’s top news and issues by reading The Skimm while you’re on the treadmill.

What are some of your secrets to having a flawless morning? Share with us in the comments below!