“5 Tips for Women to Negotiate Their Salary” is a Guest Post written by Alisha Webb.

Women don’t always get what they are due in terms of cash money in the work place. This may in part be due to antiquated ideas taking a while to move on, but it could also be due to a general feeling of uncertainty in women when it comes to negotiating. Here are some tips that should help to put you in the driving seat.

Are you worth it?
There are conflicting studies flying around as to whether or not women are comfortable entering into negotiations when compared to their male counterpoints. The long held view was that women felt uncomfortable when it came to salary negotiations, but more recent research has suggested that this may not be the case at all.

As in all things, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle and there are undoubtedly many women out there who do feel uncomfortable when it comes to asking for what is nothing more than what they deserve. Here then are some basic tips to help boost your confidence and get that raise you believe that you are worth.

  1. Respect Your Place: One of the biggest things that appears to draw back women when it comes to negotiating is that they are often not fully confident in their position within the organization in which they work. If you enter into negotiations feeling as though you are simply an interchangeable part of a much bigger scheme, of course you are not going to be able to confidently ask for a raise. Once you learn to value your role within the company and be confident enough to make others aware of this, you will be well on your way to feeling empowered enough to ask for what you really deserve.
  2. Ask Why: Another long held misnomer is that you are simply due a pay rise because of time spent. This is definitely not the case and it is in fact a good way to seeing that the only thing time will bring you is a slow slide down the corporate ladder. If you want to negotiate a raise you need to be clear as to what you will do in order to earn that extra cash. Be clear in your reasoning for your demands, show clear examples, and make sure everybody can see that by providing you with more, you will give the company more in terms of your own performance and productivity.
  3. Have Some Front: They probably won’t admit it publicly, but bosses like to see somebody with attitude and purpose working for them. This definitely rings true when it comes to contract negotiation. Don’t be afraid to show your bosses just how highly you think they should think of you. Have a little cheek and show them how confident you are in your own position. They will respect this and be liable to give in to your demands.
  4. Stay Focused: It is absolutely essential that you never allow emotion to enter into salary negotiation. You leave any personal feelings outside the door. This is business and you keep your mind on the task at hand. If somebody raises doubts about your worth, you politely disagree and explain why they are wrong. If they refuse to listen, you keep calm. Thank them for their time. And think about whether your interests might not be better served with another organization.
  5. Aim for the Stars: If you are doing well and you know that the company is too, there is nothing wrong in entering the salary negotiation with a dream figure in your mind. It’s unlikely that you will get something so high, but you would be amazed just how often bosses are caught off guard and agree to accepting these demands when they are presented. Of course, for the most part it won’t work. However, you should always start too high anyway. Good luck!


Alisha is a British writer working out of Barcelona and a content developer for The Gap Partnership HK – negotiation experts.