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In regards to weight, most people talk about how awesome they feel after weight loss. But what about the awesome perks after weight gain? A few years ago when I was planning on trying for a baby, my doctor recommended I put on a few pounds. Although I was within the normal weight range for my height, my BMI was still a bit on the low side, hovering around 18.5. Despite it being a scary process, I started eating more healthy fats and protein and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

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I have a more feminine body. My new curves complimented my clothing in a positive way and I truly felt sexier! Who would have thought? I will add that my husband was also not complaining!

My complexion glows. Because of the healthy fats I was adding to my diet (nut butters, salmon and other omega-3 rich foods), I had the most dewy complexion. In fact, I even got some compliments on how ‘youthful’ I looked.

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I have new tufts of hair. Growing up with very fine hair, I always struggled to add volume to my hair style. I used a myriad of products which eventually weighed my hair down as the day progressed. However, the increase in calories allowed my body to stop focusing on using every ounce of fuel to keep my basic organ function going and it was able to aid non-necessary functions, like hair growth. With that said, I began noticing tufts of hair growing on my scalp which has since grown out. I now have thicker hair and that means more options for styling! Yippee!


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I no longer struggle to warm up. At a BMI of 18.5, I was always the coldest person in the room. I owned many sweaters and was frequently wearing one, no matter the season. With a few extra pounds, I was finally able to sport summery outfits and show off some more skin!

There is less restrictive eating. Obviously, the positive side of gaining weight is enjoying more food, some of which one may have sworn off in the past. I was finally able to let loose and eat things I had not indulged in for years!

As you can see, modest weight gain, while still remaining within a healthy range for height, can definitely be a positive thing. For me, not only did it enable my body to support a pregnancy (the ultimate goal), but putting on the pounds actually had some perks. Everyone’s body is different, though, so please make sure to check with your doctor to ensure putting on weight is appropriate for YOU! If so, happy gaining!

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