Treat your kids to summer sweets without soda or sugary juices using these mom-approved drinks. Perfect for a picnic at the park or a day spent by the pool, these drinks will be a popular summer indulgence your kids are sure to love! Enjoy!

1. Basic Fruit & Yogurt Shake: This is a great shake without all the sugar ice cream contains! Use your kids’ favorite fruits and yogurts and make it your own. This shake  can be made even healthier by using sugar-free yogurt, fat-free or skim milk, and sugar-free Cool Whip!  (via Spoonful)
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2. DIY Infused Water: Make normal, boring water more interesting and tasty for your kids this summer by infusing it with their favorite fruit! Let it sit overnight for more potent results. (via Spoonful)

3. Mango & Berry Swirl Smoothie: This smoothie has all the fruit and sweetness kids and moms will both love! It’s also super easy to make and looks great, which makes it perfect for birthday parties or summer cookouts. (via Spoonful)
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4. Pineapple Whips: These super fun, whipped shakes will be a total hit for pineapple-loving kids. They’re perfect for picnics or pool parties, and give off a great summer vibe…not to mention they’re delicious! Personalize yours and make it even more mom-friendly by using low-fat and sugar-free ingredients when possible! Enjoy! (via Spoonful)
5. Watermelon Sherbet Slushie: This delicious drink will be a hit for all the watermelon-lovers out there. It’s packed with fruit and fruit juice, which makes it mom-friendly! The chocolate chip decorations on top are super cute and add the perfect summer look! (via Spoonful)
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