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Sex appeal is an art form. It’s not only how other people perceive us, but how we present ourselves. Feeling sexy isn’t about seeking other’s approval — it’s about showcasing our confidence, intelligence and creativity. Below are four simple tips that can help give you a noticeable and instant sexy boost.

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Perfection does not exist. Perfection is a nice lie. It’s sold to us by big companies as a real thing we can obtain, but you and I are too smart to fall for it! We know beauty and sexiness is found in our unique imperfections. Accepting this truth is the key component to feeling sexy. Your body and beauty are imperfect and that’s what makes you unique and beautiful! No amount of makeup or French perfume can create a façade that is stronger than good old fashioned self-acceptance and a healthy self-image. Want to feel sexy? Accept and embrace your beauty! Now that you have thrown away the pursuit of perfection and you have embraced your individual beautiful qualities it’s time to have some fun!

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Keep moving. It’s no secret that daily exercise keeps your body toned, tight and healthy. By staying active and taking on new physical challenges, you develop a deeper appreciation and respect for your body. Step out of your same old fitness routine and jump into a sexy and fun class. Learn to dance with your spouse or grab a bunch of friends for a pole dancing class. Not only learning how your body moves, but feeling comfortable accentuating movements can help give you a new sense of confidence, making you even sexier. Remember to exercise the greatest muscle of all time: your brain! Take on a great challenge at work, accomplish a craft project, sign up for a class or spend your time honing in on a talent. Inner confidence is knowing you’re capable of success when you put your mind to it, and there’s nothing sexier than self-confidence!

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When you look sexy, you feel sexy. As women we can attest when our hair looks bad, we feel bad. Keeping up with hair and skin care is essential for feeling sexy. When we invest in ourselves, we no longer waste a day feeling bad about the way we look. All of us have certain attributes we like better than others. By putting in time, energy and money to play up these features we feel better with how we look. Love your lips? Eyes? Hair? Make your favorite features stand out. You don’t need to spend a small fortune by investing into the services or material items that you know for a fact make you look and feel sexy. What’s your pleasure? An incredible blowout? A fabulous manicure? Or enjoying the latest anti-aging procedure? Lipstick? Perfume? Small indulgences are sometimes all we need to gain instant sex appeal.

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Never underestimate the power of clothes. Never assume that showing more skin is sexier. Ill-fitted or skimpy clothing translates to low confidence. Love your body and want show it off? Use clothes that have stood the test of time of truly sexy. A few pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe is a fitted skirt, tailored jeans, a flowing silk shirt and of course an amazing pair of high heels. Style ideas are endless, and creating style gives you a unique sexy edge. Grab the latest fashion magazine or watch makeover shows to keep you updated on the trends. Never be shy to ask for help from the sales associates for the appropriate size, cut and color that enhances your assets! Always remember the importance of undergarments! Lingerie has gotten a bad reputation for being… ummm… a bit tawdry, and many women shy away from it. There are plenty of elegant choices for women to choose from. Not only is lingerie considered the foundation of an amazing outfit, but it gives us a sexy secret we carry all day. Every woman should own a well-fitted bra and a pair of nude seamless underwear.


Want to feel sexier? Initiate sex. You don’t need to be overly sexually assertive to initiate sex with your partner. By initiating sex you are giving a message to hubby how much you enjoy sex with him, and this makes you instantly sexier to your man! Flirt with your husband throughout the day. Making eye contact, smiling and touching him subtly can make your husband melt in your hands. Slip under the sheets wearing lingerie or wearing nothing at all. Simply allowing your husband to look at your beautiful naked body will excite him. The truth is, most men don’t see the flaws we see on our bodies. To be pretty honest, they are just thrilled to see us naked! When we allow ourselves to take the time to initiate sex, enjoy sex and communicate with our partner to have exceptional sex, the bottom line is that we are sexier.

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There really is no “one size fits all” formula to being sexy. Sex, like beauty, is a highly subjective topic. The great news of its subjectivity is that we can personally create our own standards of sexy. Sex appeal has nothing to do with sex. It is about the way you treat yourself. Be kind. Be bold. Be you!