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Are you like me and get super inspired by Olympic athletes? Wow! The determination, athleticism, and unprecedented commitment displayed by these men and women is admirable and awe-inspiring. According to Forbes, trainers say athletes typically invest four to eight years into training before making an Olympic team. Lucky for us, we can take notes from them and easily incorporate their methods into our daily lives. Go for the gold, girlfriends!

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Olympic athletes sleep: Yes, just as you have heard countless times before, your body requires a decent amount of sleep to function at its best. This can mean going to bed with your kids. Olympic athletes clock in eight to ten hours of sleep per night plus take a rest after training. Your body needs a good rest after a hard workout so your muscles have time to repair.

Olympians have a training plan: You need to enter your workout facility with a plan in hand. Not only does this prevent you from wandering aimlessly, but it also makes you more confident in your abilities. Mental toughness is a huge part of any workout and helps you to push further than you thought possible. Taking time to make a workout plan will enhance your physical and mental efforts.

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Olympic athletes work with a team: Olympians have a team of supportive people around them: trainers, doctors, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, etc. Just like them, you will perform at your optimal best with a team of supportive people to cheer you on to your goals. Whether it’s your family, friends, doctor, or a combination, surround yourself with positive, caring people.

Olympians know how to fuel their bodies: Olympic athletes know firsthand how important proper nutrition is when pushing bodies to the extreme. According to Ben Greenfield, the Get Fit-Guy from quickanddirtytips.com, these athletes follow very basic nutrition principles that we can also follow: practicing portion control and eating nutrient dense foods. Your body is your vessel, so fill it wisely.

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Olympians practice proper technique: Practice makes perfect and that includes everything from weightlifting to running. If you aren’t using proper form, your efforts will be diminished. So, grab a trainer from your gym and have him/her check your technique and form. This will help you go from good to great! If you don’t have access to a trainer, perform your moves in front of a mirror to make sure you are doing things accurately. This will not only help your performance output, but it will also help prevent injury. Check your form in the Skinny Mom Fitness Index!