The Holiday’s are looming closely which always means one thing: FOOD. Tempting, fatty, kill-your-diet food. If you are a foodie (like I am) you can already taste the pumpkin pie, the Halloween candy your kids worked so hard for, the cider donuts, the gingerbread men, your grandmother’s butter loaded mashed potatoes. It is hard during the non-holiday months to stay on track with your diet, but during the holidays it can be just so easy to throw your hands up and say–bring it on! And then, you will be in a self induced food coma and punish yourself in the days that follow. Not fun.

Here are a few tips on how to eat what you love but control your intake:

  1. What food do you go crazy for? I have a serious hang up on candy corn. I know, most people have a love/hate relationship with this fall favorite…but for me, it is a love…love… SO, I do not say no to it. REMIND YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE IN CONTROL.¬† So, I will take a handful, never more than that, and then I will drinik a big glass of water. The water will wash out the taste from your mouth so that the taste buds will be satisfied, and the craving for more will stop. Then…step away and/or get rid of it. Pass it along to a family member or friend. Just get it out of the house.
  2. Go to the gym. Increase those endorphins and get moving! You will be less likely to have a second piece of cake if you just worked hard in an aerobic class.
  3. Fill up before a trigger point. If you are going to Aunt Lucy’s for Thanksgiving…don’t go hungry. Have a huge salad, some protein and a big bowl of a broth based soup. If you eat before the big meal, you won’t feel so hungry and pig out.
  4. Don’t wear comfortable pants. Elastic or draw string¬†waists mean room to grow and we don’t want to grow (unless pregnant then grow, grow, grow!). Let your pants provide a limit!
  5. Cheat. It is okay. Really. If you want to go out and forget about calories and eat, drink and be merry then just do it. You have one life so go and enjoy it. BUT, the next day– get to the gym and maybe center your diet around some detoxing foods. One day off will not kill you IF you don’t let it. Jump back on the horse!

Remember that you must be the one in control. Drink plently of water, fill up on salads and clear broth soup, and if you fall–get back up again.