The actual day, May 5, isn’t much of a celebration in Mexico–at least in the sense that we celebrate the day. Why? Because we have jumbled the history. Cinco de Mayo commemorates one single victory over France in 1886. However, the meaning behind the day is extremely connected with Mexico’s actual independence. “Cinco de Mayo became the rallying cry for the fight against the French occupation. They celebrated each year with song, dance and food to remain focused on regaining the country and retaining their heritage,” states Reader’s Digest.

Now that you know just what you are celebrating, let’s discuss how you are celebrating! Try these 5 appetizers at your next fiesta. For the full recipe, click the title of the dish.

1. Easy Black Bean Dip by Two Peas and Their Pod: A 5 minute recipe that will please everyone! Black beans, onion, cilantro, garlic, and jalapeƱo are paired with all the right spices to make this thick dip a party favorite.


2. Homemade Baked Tortilla Chips by Healthy Food For Living: This recipe couldn’t be easier. You only need 3 ingredients: corn tortillas, canola oil and some kosher salt. I would spike the recipe with some fresh lime juice to get that hint of lime flavor!


3. Taco Wontons by Creative Kitchen: This recipe utilizes our favorite all natural egg roll wraps: a quick, low cal way to make a “shell.” With some lean ground beef (or ground turkey), lettuce, tomato and chives, these bite size taco cups are perfectly portioned!


4. Avocado Fruit Salad by SouthernLiving: Great take on a classic! There’s a hint of mint in this fruit salad that makes for a wonderful surprise–refreshingly sweet!


5. Black Bean Pinwheels by Simply Organic: Really easy recipe. Pinwheels are the best party fingerfood. All you do is make a wrap, refrigerate and then slice into small sections that create the “pinwheel.” For Skinny Mom’s Skinny Pinwheels click here.