I have to admit, if there’s one thing I’m not the best at {and believe me, there’s more than one thing, but we don’t have all day}, it’s making sure I stay properly hydrated every day. I really do set out with good intentions to drink a lot of water, but some days will go from start to finish and I may have had like 3 servings of water…yikes, right? I can say that I definitely know the signs of dehydration, because I’ve been witness to all of these in myself. Look out for any of these signs and know that you need to add more water to your diet, pronto.

1. Chapped Lips. No amount of chapstick can cure chapped lips caused by dehydration. If you’re constantly suffering from dry lips, it’s time to assess your daily water intake.

2. Dry, Itchy Skin. Same as chapped lips, this is one of the main telltale signs of lack of proper hydration. You can slather lotion all over your body multiple times a day, but your skin will never heal without the hydration necessary to keep it youthful, soft and glowing. Drink up.

3. Dry Mouth {The Inside}. If you’re often suffering from a dry mouth, like you just can’t salivate enough to keep up – that is your body telling you that YOU ARE THIRSTY. Don’t reach for a soda or caffeinated beverage as these only contribute to dehydration. Grab a glass of water, and make sure you’re getting 64 oz a day.

4. Headaches. Got a headache that just won’t quit? Tried Tylenol, Advil and Aleve to no avail? It’s likely you just need to hydrate. A headache is your body’s warning to take care of something before it gets really bad. People pass out from not being hydrated, and often they’ve had the headaches beforehand but did not yield to them. Don’t wind up in the ER, get that water in your system and keep it flowing regularly day to day.

5. Tiring Easier. Not able to keep up with your usual 30-45 min of cardio? Well, despite that water bottle you’ve got on the treadmill with you, you probably haven’t drank enough water over the last few hours to sustain your body’s energy for the workout. Your body’s natural need is to sweat to cool you down as you work out, but without a healthy supply of water in there, it’s hard for the body to make due, and your energy and workout are going to suffer for it.

Drink up! Cheers!