Many schools are trying to improve school lunches, but not every cafeteria provides the nutritious foods that kids need.  When sending your kids off to school this year, educate yourself on the foods that they are being served for lunch. It’s also a good idea to get the monthly lunch menu from the school cafeteria, that way on the days that you don’t have time to pack a lunch you will know exactly what your child is eating. Plus, it’s always a nice treat for your kids to buy lunch and you can pick what day you will allow them to do so.

Here are 5 reasons you should pack your kids lunch this school year:

Control: Many of us know how frustrating it can be standing in a long line waiting for food when your stomach is rumbling.  Normally when you get to the front you find yourself grabbing the first thing available and it’s not usually a salad. By packing your kids lunch it allows them to avoid the lunch line all together and any temptations.  Packing your kids lunch also lets you know exactly what they are eating so they will have a well-rounded, nutritious and tasty meal for their mind and body!


Variety: It is nearly impossible for kids to be mindful of the variety they’re getting in their lunch when they have options of pizza, chips and French fries. When you pack their lunch, they’ll have access to a variety of options so they are hitting all the necessary food groups. Plus you can throw in a sweet treat you approve of!


Energy: If your children have a big game or activity after school, packing a healthy lunch will give them the energy they need to keep going.  It’s even a good idea to pack them a snack for after school so they don’t come home starving (and cranky!).

Cold Hard Cash: When you give your children cash you hope that they are using it for what you indented them to use it for. They might choose an unhealthy lunch instead but even more worrisome they might just hold on to the money and not eat. So if you decided to allow your children to buy lunch every now and then, it’s a good idea to put money on their school account so they can only use it for lunch.


That Warm Fuzzy Feeling: I’m sure you all can relate to having someone pack your lunch for you when you were young and feeling as if someone cared. Your children might not like it now but trust me they will thank you later. 

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