That wonderful warm weather is finally here, and the summer days aren’t far off. But with these lazy warm days come a common enemy: FRIZZ. We’ve compiled some quick tips to combat frizz and help your style stay sleek all day!

Use a silicon serum: Adding this simple step before styling your hair can help your hair from getting frizz. suggests using Göt2b Anti-Frizz Shine Serum (purchase here – on sale for only $3.99!). Another popular one is John Frieda Frizz-Ease (purchase here – on sale for $5.39!) . Just apply before blow drying your hair!


Hairspray your brush: Wake up with some serious frizz? For a quick fix, grab your hairbrush and spray the entire brush evenly with hairspray, then brush your hair. The spray will help weigh your hair down and flatten it with lasting hold.


Try a side bun: This simple hairstyle is great for days when the frizz is winning. Just pull your hair back, twist to the side, and secure with bobby pins, and you are good to go!


Top knots: Top knots are PERFECT for frizzy days, because they are supposed to have that messy-chic look. Just pull all of your hair up into a bun high on the top of your head, and secure as necessary. (via Running On Happiness Top Knot Tutorial)


Hair gel: The best way to stop the places of frizz and fly-aways after you’ve styled is hair gel. Just add a small dab to the area, and it should weigh down the area and make it smooth. Be careful not to use too much in one area or it will give that spot an uneven, weighed down look.