New to running or a seasoned pro? Looking for a few tips on how to make your run better? Have no fear – I have 5 pointers for a better run:

1. Don’t run in the wrong shoes. Just because a certain type of shoe works for your friend or looks cute on your foot, doesn’t mean it’s right for your run. You need shoes that are appropriate to your foot, your body and your running. Running specialty stores can help you find the right shoe for you.


2. Now that you have your shoes sorted out, let’s consider “the girls”. A good sports bra can cut breast movement by at least half depending on cup size, drastically improving your comfort during a workout. Stop layering up with 3 cheapie sports bras and do your girls a favor by wearing a good, quality bra. My favorite for high impact sports like running? Moving Comfort – hands down.

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3. Pace yourself! Listen to your body and the cues it’s sending you! Often runners will start out too aggressively during training runs and races and then slow down because it feels easy at first. Listen to your body and learn. If after “listening” you’re still having trouble, try wearing a device that will track your pace. If your average pace is an 8-minute mile and you bust out the first mile at 7 minutes, you will know pretty quickly that you’re not pacing yourself and can pull back to finish strong.


4. Train with someone. A running partner can not only help motivate you to get out for your run but also keep you running when things get tough. Finding a partner a bit faster than you can also help to improve your pace times.


5. Keep things fresh. Any exercise regime can get stale quickly. Change up your route, punctuate your runs with a half dozen pace pickups (not all out sprints), find a route that is hilly, or choose a trail-run to keep things interesting!