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Traveling can be stressful to say the least. What makes it even more taxing, however, is when you are stressed AND hungry, especially since that combination can make for some interesting attitudes. As a mother to a toddler, I know it is important to keep fuel food on hand at all times so that my son does not throw a hunger-driven tantrum. My husband and I also benefit from this as healthy snacks are good for the entire family. Below are a few of my go-to snacks that travel well while still being nutritious and delicious! As an added benefit, no refrigeration is required!

1. Homemade trail mix: Making your own trail mix at home is usually healthier than store bought as it does not contain any added sugar or artificial ingredients. Some ingredients I like to include are nuts, dried fruits, whole grain cereals and, if you’re looking for an extra tasty treat, some dark chocolate mini chips.


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2. Empty water containers: You may not be able to take water through the security gate at an event, but no one says you can’t have your water containers filled at fountains once passing the gate. This saves money, too, as you don’t need to spend top dollar to purchase water at the airport or on the road.

3. Instant oatmeal (no sugar added or low-sugar): Most rest stops and convenience centers offer travel cups and hot water with which you can add your instant oatmeal packet. And what do you get? A mini meal with staying power!

4. Nut butter packets: Most nutritious nut butter companies now make travel size peanut butter packets or containers already portioned that make a great portable treat.

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5. Homemade energy balls: Another homemade healthy snack that can be packaged in a plastic container or baggy are energy balls made at home prior. Energy balls can be made by mixing portions of nut butter, dried fruits and oats in desired amounts to get a consistency suitable for keeping everything together.

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