When we think of things we need to carry with us in our purse at all times, the list can be pretty lengthy. Now imagine only being able to pick five things. I’m not counting the obvious such as cash, debit card, credit card, keys, phone, etc. They are all a given, but what are the five things you MUST have with you?  I asked my friends on Facebook to name one thing. After tallying the list, here are the top five things many women said that they absolutely can’t leave home without. My own personal list includes everything below, but I would swap the calendar/organizer for my Kindle in a hot second!

1. Chap Stick, Carmex or Rosebud Salve: It’s how moms keeps their lips soft and smooth for kissing kid-cheeks!
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2. Hand Sanitizer: Moms on the go know that dirty hands can be a thing of the past with travel sized hand sanitizers. 
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3. Hand Cream: My favorite is the Laura Mercier Hand Creme. Click here to buy now!
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4. Calendar / Organizer: This is how the busy mom keeps it all together. You can find some neat options at Shutterfly and can click here to customize your own now!
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5. Lip Gloss: The Vintage Pink gloss at Sephora is so great. It’s the perfect hint of color with great shine! Click here to buy now!
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So, what’s in your bag?