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I want my pre-baby body back, but like most moms, it’s hard to find the time for exercise between bottles that need washing, ABCs that need learning, and a house that needs cleaning. By the time I find a free second for me, I’m exhausted and another day will have come and gone with little to no exercise at all.

Instead of waiting for a lump sum of kid-free time to work out, I’ve incorporated these five exercises into the time I have devoted to being a mom.

The Dancing Chef: The hour before my husband gets home is what I like to think of as the dinner-time dance. The kids are re-energized from their afternoon naps and I feel like a gummy being pulled and stretched to play here, cook there, and make everyone happy in between. The best way to combat my frustrations is to put on some good music and get dancing. Not only does it give you a chance to Samba out some extra calories, but it also makes the fussy baby laugh and gives the needy toddler something to do with you!

Dancing Chef

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Playtime Planks: It’s not enough to just be in the same room as my kids while they are playing. They want me on the ground and involved. So while helping with puzzles and playing peek-a-boo, lift up on those forearms and hold a few 30-second planks. Your kids and abdominals will love the extra attention.

Playtime Planks 2

The Witching Hour Squats: There are three things I can count on in life: taxes, death and the dreaded “Witching Hour.” My baby loves to be held during her nightly fussy period so I strap her into my baby carrier and do my usual bounce and rock to appease her. Since you’re carrying the extra weight (figuratively and literally), why not bounce out a round of squats? Not sure about your form? Use your kitchen chair to keep you in line!

Witching Hour Squats 2

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Toddler Toss Triceps: Every child loves a good lift and toss into the air and until recently, I let Daddy handle that task. If you don’t want your arms to wave goodbye while you’re hand is waving hello, then bump Daddy out of the way and get in on the toddler toss game! Make sure you keep your core tight and buns tucked under because form is the key in preventing an injury and maximizing the exercise!

Toddler Toss1

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Barre in the Bathroom: Brushing your teeth is a mundane task that requires 2 minutes of your time twice a day. Instead of daydreaming the precious time away, use the sink as a barre, pop up on your highest tiptoes, tuck your seat, and engage your core. Then pulse. Pulse and tuck. Pulse, pulse, pulse, and hold. Your thighs will be shaking before your toothbrush timer goes off.

Bath Barre 2

As moms, it’s not always feasible to squeeze an hour of kid-free time out of our days to hit the gym or fancy fitness classes so we have to think outside of the box when it comes to staying fit. When you start seeing your everyday tasks as a chance to burn a few calories, you will be thinking like a Skinny Mom!