Mommy’s to be are at a strange point on Mother’s Day: Pregnant, but not yet officially having met their little joy. Here are some gift ideas for the mommy-in-waiting in your life!

collage of childrens books

1. Books for Children: It’s never to early to start a library for baby, and Mother’s day is a great time to start. Classics like Goodnight Moon or The Giving Tree are good starting places. Another idea is indestructible books that are baby-proof so that baby can hold, look, touch, and even taste without causing harm to the book! (photo credit)

woman getting a massage during a spa day

2. Spa Day Gift Cards: At some point either before of after baby is born, Mom is going to need some serious down time to unwind, de-stress and relax, so a spa day is the perfect gift! With tons of different treatments, she can choose what she wants when she wants it.

pregnant woman laying with body pillow

3. Body Pillow: Body pillows provide great support when you’re pregnant and really help those aching joints and muscles! Plus, they hold up well for a long time so it’s a gift that will last.

stretch mark cream package for pregnant women

4. Mommy-To-Be Gift Set: This gift set from Uncommon Goods has all the essentials: back rub oil, stretch mark cream, and stretch mark oil. This gift set is vital to help your mom-to-be get through some of the more uncomfortable parts of pregnancy.

sonogram frame

5. Sonogram Frames: Help the mommy remember the first time she saw baby with this special frame! It’s a great decoration for the nursery or for Mommy and Daddy’s room.