Getting to the gym when you’re an on-the-go mom is a large task in itself. And when you have an hour at the gym between your kids’ soccer practices, you don’t have time to waste. Here are 5 tips that can cut your gym time down to a more focused and calorie burning workout!

Wasting time in the locker room:  A small trip to the locker room to grab your headphones can quickly turn into to an extended stay when you’re not focused and determined to get in shape. Try to go to the gym at off-peak times and keep your gym bag organized so that you’re in and out of the locker room in minutes.


Taking too many breaks:  In order to keep your heart rate up, you’ve got to keep moving. Cut down your trips to the water fountain, and bring a water bottle with you on the machine so you can drink up while you’re getting ready for your next workout.


Being a social butterfly:  We’re all for having a workout buddy by your side, but when it comes to gym time, make sure you and your buddy are in the same workout mentality. Nothing’s worse than having a chatty neighbor on the elliptical next to you, steering your focus away from your workout and on to the latest neighborhood gossip.


Taking your time:  You don’t always have to have a hardcore workout where you’re sweating your butt off, but if your typical workout consists of walking on the treadmill or doing anything on a machine at a pace where you can comfortably read a book or magazine, you’re wasting your gym-time. Instead, plug in some headphones, turn on some motivational jams and speed it up with some intervals to push yourself and burn some calories!

Not having a plan:  If you’ve walked into the gym, but you’re not sure what to do, you’re wasting time that you could be spending actually burning calories. Go in there with a plan, whether it’s a legs or an arms day, or grab a few of Skinny Mom’s printable workouts and feel the burn!


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