As a fitness lover you know there are good things to do for your body and bad things you want to avoid to ensure the results you want without harm. The same is true for hair. These 5 tips will make sure you are a keeping better care of your hair pre and post-workout.


1. Stop Over Shampooing: After a hard workout we love to suds up to get everything squeaky clean. What we need to be mindful of is over shampooing, because it will dry out your luscious locks. Just like if you were to wash one of your favorite items every day, the color fades, the ends start to fray, and your favorite piece no longer feels so great. Instead, try not to shampoo every day. You can completely rinse your hair with water, condition the ends of your hair and still get it clean especially if you shampooed the night before or that morning. If you feel only shampooing will give your hair the body you are looking for, use a dry shampoo or a texturizing powder when you style. This will help you get that extra volume. When shampooing your hair, concentrate only on the scalp. The ingredients in shampoo are meant to remove oils. When you shampoo the ends, you are just drying out your hair and making the color fade. This is especially critical with long hair. When you rinse your hair the shampoo goes over everything and gets it clean, so it is not important to scrub the ends.


2. You Love Your Pony: If you are constantly wearing a ponytail everyday and in the exact same place… STOP! You will start to get breakage even if you’re using a coated tie.  The constant tension over time will have hair breaking where you tie it up. To help avoid breakage, change the position of your ponytail and try not to wear one daily. If you are always wearing a ponytail, think about a great shorter cut that will keep you looking chic. Since you are not wearing your hair down anyway, it might be time for an update!


3. Stop Buying Cheap Hair Products: No, the ones at the grocery or drugstores are not the same. They contain fillers, waxes, more water and less quality ingredients. Why do you think you hair feels so amazing after you leave the salon? Yes, your stylist has magic fingers, but they are also using top quality ingredients on you and you can definitely tell the difference. Also, are you buying the correct product for your hair? Your stylist will recommend what is good for your hair type and will be using those products as you’re getting styled. You’ll be able to see how much is being used and how it is distributed throughout your hair.


4. Embrace Your Hair: Your hair type and texture is perfect, because it is yours! Just as we need to embrace our bodies, we need to embrace our hair as well. So stop trying to get something that you don’t have. There are many styles to compliment every hair texture. The sooner you understand what your hair will or will not do, the sooner you are on your way to having amazing hair.  If you are not sure of your hair type, ask your stylist. This way when you look at pictures for inspiration, you will be looking in the right direction.


5. Stop Using Hot Tools on Damp Hair: When hair is wet, it is the most fragile. So if you’re in a hurry and your hair is not completely dry, don’t pick up the curling iron or flat iron. You’ll do nothing but burn your gorgeous locks. Let your hair air dry completely or use a blow dryer to help this along. If you’re still steaming from your workout and the thought of a hot dryer on you makes you sizzle, put the dryer on a lower temperature setting. This will do the trick and keep your locks in great condition.  If you are using hot tools, make sure you’re using a thermal heat protective product on your hair. This will keep your hair in tip top shape.

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About Author: Bianca Vayna began her career in L.A. where she lived and worked for 24 years.  She re-located to Cincinnati, Ohio from Los Angeles in March of 2012.  In Los Angeles, she developed an eye for color and became a color specialist in the industry.  Bianca had the privilege of working with some of the top salons in the Beverly Hills area.  She was exposed to current trends and cutting edge design. Her clientele consisted of models, actors, musicians, costume designers, fashionistas, movie executives, and everyone in between. In addition to salon work, Bianca has also done makeovers for various television programs including Americas Next Top Model, The Tyra Banks Show, and What Not to Wear.

Bianca has developed her own creative philosophy on color and styling, and believes both are an artistic expression of personal beauty. Her trademark is natural, sexy color, making a woman look as though she was born with that hair. Bianca’s passion, extensive knowledge of the science and art of hair and color, awareness of current trends, and down-to-earth approach keeps her clientele looking chic and fresh.