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Being told we are appreciated or loved never gets old, but in the hustle and bustle of daily life, it sometimes gets lost. Spouse Day is right around the corner — January 26! Here are five ways to show them how grateful you truly are!

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Bring a meal: Isn’t it said that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Well, whether he works during the day or at night, there is always a meal that can be brought to work. Surprise your honey at work with his favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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A night off: Believe me, as a full-time working mom and wife, I know that some days you’ll want to just come home and lie in bed. Let him have a night off! If your husband is the chef in the house, you cook. Let him plan a guy’s night out or simply being able to go to bed early may be the way to his heart.

Coupon book: As silly as it sounds, this is one of my husband’s favorite things to receive. It makes the days fun and spontaneous when at any moment he can redeem a coupon. They are available to purchase online or you can get creative and make your own!

Get flirty: Flaunt what you got! Make him remember one of the reasons he fell in love with you. Get dressed up for a date night or slip into that extra-sexy nighty after the kids are in bed. Making the effort will show him that you still want to have that spark in your relationship.

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Thank him: Next time he takes out the trash, puts the kids to bed or does the dishes, sincerely thank him. This simple act reminds him that you notice him and are grateful for the little things he does!