I had my first baby two weeks before my 36th birthday.  So, most of my friends had babies before me.  I always wanted to get my new mommy-to-be friends something for themselves or something to make their lives easier after the baby was born, but I never knew what to give them.  After having a baby and gifting some things to myself, now I know.  Here are some ideas:

1)  A session or package to try a new fitness routine.  My primary fitness activity before I was pregnant and during my pregnancy was spinning or running for cardio and weights for toning.  My doctor gave me clearance to go back to all exercise 5 weeks post baby.  But, let’s be honest, even 8 weeks after delivery, I was still having issues sitting in a chair.  So the thought of sitting on a bike made me cringe.  And, running?  Forget it.  I needed to find something else to do until I felt completely back to normal.  I found sampling a few different things, including private pilates reformer sessions, Pure Barre, and yoga, helped me get back into some sort of fitness routine when I wasn’t quite ready for spinning or running.

2)  A friend of mine swore Belly Bandit products helped her get back into her pre-pregnancy clothes.  I was skeptical, but gave the Belly Bandit BFF and Mother Tucker Compression Tank a try.  The price tags were definitely hard to swallow.  And while I still give 100% of the credit to healthy eating and exercise while pregnant to getting me back to my pre-pregnancy weight, these items gave me the confidence to put on my regular clothes and leave the house days after delivery.

3)  A list of good babysitters along with their contact information.  When I had my son, I had a very short list of potential babysitters.  In fact, it only had one name on it, and that was my mom.  You need options, and what’s better than sitters who have already been screened by your friends?

4)  If you aren’t a mom or are not prepared to share your sitters, think about giving a membership or gift card to,, or  I found my current sitter on, and she’s great.  After meeting several other new moms, I’ve discovered many found their sitters on similar sites too.

5)  If you’re a mom, give your friend a document with solutions to problems you encountered with your baby.  I couldn’t get my son to sleep through the night.  In fact, we’re still struggling with it.  People tell me to read this book or that book.  I always think to myself, “I don’t have time to read a book, and if I did, I’d spend the time catching up on my own sleep rather than reading a book.”  Having one document with solutions that worked for people you know can be comforting and seem more applicable than what worked for a stranger who happened to author a book.