With the change of the season, your desired scent may change as well. This spring, go for something light and fresh that brings out your best natural scents as well!

  1. Juicy Coture LaLa: This light white flower perfume combines the notes of mandarin for a light daytime scent. This one is more costly than the others, but is worth it!
  2. Bath and Body Works Rome Honeysuckle Amore: This light spray is a great, cheaper spray for when you want a quick scent on the run. It has light notes of peony and pink honeysuckle! I love to keep this in my gym bag!
  3. Pacifica Perfume Island Vanilla Spray: This honey, vanilla, jasmine scent will have you smiling all day! Try the roll on version that’s great for traveling!
  4. Summer Lovin’ – Daisy by Marc Jacobs: this lazy scent will make you joyful for spring days. Red fruits, apricots, and lychee make this perfume a lovely pick me up from a long winter.
  5. Prada L’Eau D’Iris: This scent is very light and clean, making you feel like you aren’t wearing any perfume at all. Especially perfect if you love the scent of orange blossoms.

Do you change your scent with the seasons? What is your favorite springtime fragrance? Would love to hear from you!