Summertime is the season where the temptation to over-eat gets to us more than ever! Even though we may not be hungry, we are constantly faced with food that we only see once a year! This kicks our body into over-drive when it tries to undo the damage. According to there are some foods you should be eating to help your body repair itself, and lessen your chances of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.


1. Drink Orange Juice: In addition to the Vitamin C that is great for your body, OJ also contains antioxidants that can counteract the damaging effects a high calorie meal can have on your heart and the rest of your body. So instead of coffee in the morning, grab a glass of orange juice. Even though there isn’t the caffeine, it’s much better for you in the long run! (photo credit: here)

2. Drizzle Vinegar: For most people, a spike in blood pressure is followed by an equally sharp drop as well. This in turn totally spikes your appetite! Drizzling a tablespoon of vinegar over your salad alongside your regular salad dressing can help keep the spike in blood pressure from being quite so steep.


3. Eat Fruit: If you have just had a high calorie meal, a simple solution to helping your body recover would be to skip the desert and opt for some berries instead! It’s best to eat antioxidant rich fruits such as berries, grapes, kiwi, and cherries. You still get to have a little sweet, but with better results.  (photo credit: here)

4. Drink Wine: For some, this might seem like a fun or easy way to lessen the negative impact of fatty foods. Red wine can lower levels of a compound produced in the body that is linked with heart disease. You can cook with wine, or enjoy a glass at dinner. But keep in mind to drink it in moderation!


5. Add Some Spice: By adding some spices to your high calorie, or high fat meals, you can help lower your triglyceride and insulin levels in addition to increasing your body’s antioxidant levels. Researchers believe that spices slow down fat absorption, which is great if you have indulged in a meal that may have been high in fat or calories! (photo credit: here)