Life gets so crazy for us moms that we can forget about those furry children in our lives. Take the time to spoil your pets this month with one of these great DIY projects. With just a little time and a few odds and ends you just might be able to find around your house you could create something that shows your fuzzy friends how much they mean to your family.

Cardboard Cat Castle
All you need for this simple project is a few cardboard boxes, a pair of scissors and a little imagination. Stack the boxes on top of one another and secure them together with glue. Then just cut holes in the boxes big enough for your cat to climb/peer through, just make sure you cut a hole through where the two boxes are joined so your cat can get in between the two boxes. If you are feeling especially crafty tie some feathers or others cat toys to the top of the castle or hanging inside of it. Place the castle in a corner or against a wall so your cat doesn’t have to worry about knocking it over and watch the fun begin! Let your children help by decorating it with colorful drawings made especially for their furry friends.
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Fancy Dog/Cat Food Tin
Do you have an old Christmas popcorn tin that you just can’t find a use for? Add a little paint and stencil on your beloved animal’s name and you have a beautiful storage container for their food. You can use any container that is just taking up space around your house and in no time you have a one of a kind creation. You can also use chalkboard paint so you can write the specific amount to give each animal on the canister for guests or for little ones learning how to take care of the animal.
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dog food container 031

PVC  Agility Course
Looking to get your dog moving but found that the simple game of fetch just isn’t stimulating enough? The costs of a new agility course for your pooch can be downright upsetting but with just a weekend and some PVC pipe you could create your very own. This old house offers the instructions for a stimulating PVC dog agility course and estimates it to only cost $150 dollars. You don’t need a background in engineering for this simple course and you could even paint it to really jazz up your new dog exercise construction. Find the instructions for this project here.
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Suitcase pet bed
All the rage on Pinterest and so easy to throw together, this pet bed is sure to give your pet a comfy place to take a nap. Refurbish an old suitcase by screwing on some stylish furniture feet and placing a fluffy pet pillow inside. You can jazz up the look by covering the pillow with a patterned pillow case and painting the furniture feet a festive hue. This customizable bed will look great with the rest of your house décor and will keep your pet well rested after their hard day’s work.
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Pet Silhouette Art
For those of us who love our pets like another member of the family, create a keepsake that honors their special place in your heart. Take a snapshot of your pet’s profile (either the full body or just the head), enlarge it to the desired size, cut out around the outline of the pet in the picture and copy onto stock paper of your color choice. Then just simply adhere to a piece of white stock and frame for all to enjoy. This art not only captures the beauty and personality of your pet, it looks fantastic featured on your wall.
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