Wondering how to take game night outside…besides just sticking the board game on the porch? It’s actually pretty easy. With some creativity and a little DIY magic, you can take some instant board-bound classics and make them into interactive outdoor play. I was inspired by Family Fun’s May Issue to find more classic 2-d games and bring them to life. For example, they made a giant tic-tac-toe game out of a shower curtain and frisbees. It’s called “Tic-Tac-Toss.”

So with that creativity in mind, here are 5 games you can recreate outside:

1. Hungry, Hungry Hippos: This is a little like musical chairs. Place a variety of balls, weighted balloons, etc. in the middle of a circle. Have the kids draw their own circles and start the timer. Give them an allotted amount of time to grab as many balls as they can. Of course you will have to make rules, such as the player must be in the big circle to grab a ball when the time is called.

2. Candy Land: Think of Candy Land as an obstacle course. You have Molasses Swamp, Lollipop Woods, Peppermint Forest, the Licorice Castle and the Gumdrop Mountains–and those are only a few. Use the regular dice or create your own from cardboard and tape. Use the regular cards, but create “obstacles” at some of the forests and stops. A water slide for the molasses swamp, hula hoops for the lollipop forest…the ideas are endless!

3. Chutes and Ladders: Create spaces using cones, chalk or rubber mats. For the ladders, create an actual ladder using chalk tape or the fitness equipment. For every ladder, make them do a different move through it: push ups, both feet, side to side.

4. Memory: Print out matching images and make a grid using chalk, cones or tape. Set it up as you normally would and get some sun while you stretch your brain!

5. Connect Four: Take the same concept from Family Fun’s Tic-Tac-Toss and remake Connect Four outside. You can even make it into teams, using players and captains. The players can wear pennies and become the pieces.