We hear it time and time again: dancing burns calories and releases so much more than energy. It kicks up your endorphins and can leave you feeling exhilarated. Women’s Health’s latest Spring Shape Up Issue featured Latin Dance Moves as the latest fitness scoop to kick up your calorie burn. In an hour-long salsa lesson, your average heart rate will be around 152 and your calories burned will be close to 300. If you choose to take your salsa lessons to the club for an hour, you can expect to burn around 250 calories even though your heart rate will be around 167. Zumba classes on the other hand will burn 369 calories and keep your heart rate at an average 154. We’ve combined some hip hop genres, latin moves, and a little Brazilian dance to pick 5 moves that mix cardio and strength in the best form: dancing!

So here’s 5 dance moves sure to burn some quick calories: