Lately, in my family, there has been a lot of talk of family trees. For at least a decade now, my Dad’s side of the family has been documenting their history. I’ve always been privy to a great deal of information about this branch of my tree simply because several people have taken the time to reach into the history and put it into writing.

However, my mum’s family didn’t have the same information…until now! Thanks to the internet and websites dedicated to exploring ancestry, my mum has connected with family members who live abroad and together they have been placing the puzzle pieces in order to make sense of their own history. It’s been a really exciting time. She’s found pictures she’s never seen, explored history she’s never known, and certainly learned about herself.┬áIf the idea of depicting your own story excites you, these are some unique projects to get you going. Let your creative juices flow! Here are five great crafts that can be done to showcase your heritage.

Family_Tree_Wreath_Tutorial 022-1

Family Tree Wreath. This is a beautiful craft and keepsake if you’re looking to spend a little time putting together a unique family tree. This would be a really special gift for a family member to hold on to forever.


Peek-A-Boo Family Tree. I like this idea if you’re planning to explore your lineage with your young child. Not only can they learn about their relatives, but the fun peek-a-boo style adds an element of cuteness, surprise, and fun!


My Family. If you count yourself among those who are gifted with scrapbooking gene, here’s a project for you! This beautiful tree can be as big or as small as you want and is beautiful with its variety of colors and eye catching pictures!


Family Tree Wall Art. This is a unique display that you could proudly hang in yoru home. I especially like that the creator of this project says that she writes the birthday of each family member on the back of their leaf to help her remember those important dates. Brilliant!

family frame tree

Frame Tree. If you’re ready to commit to displaying your family tree, here is an incredibly lavish way to showcase it. This beautifully large tree can be adorned with photos of your loved ones, and will certainly make for a show stopper in any home!