We want to make sure that everyone has a drink to cheers with this holiday! So, we found 5 scrumptious recipes for non-alcoholic drinks and 5 scrumptious recipes with a little something extra. Hopefully you all have fun at the party you are hosting or attending! Even the kiddos will love the first five…well, maybe not the skinny eggnog.
For the NICE:
1.  Peppermint Hot Chocolate by Happy Healthy Mama
2.  Holiday Cranberry Apple Citrus Punch by What’s Cookin, Chicago
3.  Fancy Smancy by Mom Spark
4.  Grinch Punch by Better Than Burgers
5.  Non-Alcoholic Eggnog by Kelly the Kitchen Kop
For the NAUGHTY:
7. Candy Cane Cocktail by Baby Gizmo Blog
8. Gingerbread Martini by Fashionably Bombed
9.  Apple Cider Margarita by Skinny Mom
10. Smoking Bishop by Recipe Wise
Cheers to a merry night!