Anyone who has spent any amount of time with small children has realized they run on an energy level that we as adults can no longer match. We can try to keep up with coffee and sugary beverages, but these are often unnecessary calories and can come with a costly crash later. There are a few ways to find a quick energy fix for the afternoon “sleepies” that do not require any added caffeine.

  1. Drink water:  Water helps your body function properly and will “wake up” your brain if you are starting to feel sluggish. Most of us don’t get nearly enough water and it can be keeping our energy levels in the dumps. Experts recommend at least 8 glasses a day but you should drink more if you are active throughout the day.
  2. 2 min dance off: A boost that you can get anywhere, anytime of the day. Either tune in to your favorite radio station or crank up your favorite jam and dance like you mean it. Don’t worry about points for style or grace, the whole point is to get your blood moving.  You will not only feel more alert following your impromptu moves, most likely you will always be in a better mood.
  3. Go outside or open the windows: There is something about the sunshine that perks you up even at your most tired. If the weather is cooperating, get outside and take a walk. The spur of the moment exercise and fresh air will surely get you through your afternoon slump. If it is on the chilly side open your window for even a brief time to awaken your senses and give yourself that needed boost. Even a few minutes of outside playtime with your kids will help all of you towards having a good mood in those tough afternoon hours.
  4. Use a citrus or aromatherapy lotion: Citrus smells stimulate alertness in your body and can give you that boost you need in a very little amount of time. Keep a travel lotion in your purse or in your car to avoid the unnecessary coffee run that can add quite a few calories. You can also use essential oils and dab them on pressure points to relief tension that may be fatiguing you. All natural remedies can be fairly cheap ways to maximize your body’s functioning.
  5. Use nap time for relaxation instead of catch up: We all know that the time when the little ones go down may be your only chance to catch up on other tasks. Working yourself to the bone can work against you towards the end of the day. Occasionally fight the urge to squeeze in as much cleaning time as you can and just take the time to meditate or simply just relax. Focus on your breathing and your posture and you will find that your mind responds well to this short period of contemplation.  You may not always have the time to take this break for yourself, but I urge you to make the time at least once a week to just focus on the calm.

It is can be very tough to keep up with little ones and scientists have yet to bottle their energy. In just a few minutes each afternoon though, you can take a few steps that will give you enough energy to make it through the rest of the day. You can’t always outlast them, but with some help you can at least attempt to keep up.

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