Popsicles aren’t just for kids! This summer, when you’re poolside with your friends, offer up one of the these tasty cold treats for a light, refreshing adult twist on a popular childhood favorite.

1. Campari Citrus Pops: Campari is an Italian aperitif with low alcohol content (25%) that’s sweet, spicy and herby. (via The Kitchn)


2. Mojito Pops: A refreshing mojito in a cold, invigorating popsicle! (via The Tiffin Box)


Maple Brown Derby Pops: Like a Bourbon slush, but colder, this popsicle is sweet, smoky and refreshingly tart! (via Hungry Girl por Vida)


French 75 Pop: A classy popsicle. Yes. Absolutely. What other word can you think of to describe a popsicle made with champagne? (via Reclaiming Provincial)


Pinot Noir Blackberry Pops: Grapey goodness in a refreshing blackberry pop. You’re welcome!! Bonus: This link will take you to a white wine pop as well! (via Bon Appetit)