Not to exaggerate, but there are hundreds of millions of different beauty products out there and it is so hard to decide!  Walking into a store like Sephora or Ulta, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and leave with nothing. Usually the best beauty purchases are a tip from a good friend, but with so many options out there, who has enough friends to test everything?  Well, we did some digging (okay, a lot of digging) and the Skinny Mom team has compiled a list just for you of beauty products we’re loving!

LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant: First of all, every single LAVANILA product smells amazing. Seriously, every single one. Secondly, good luck pronouncing the ingredients in most drugstore deodorants. LAVANILA deodorants are free of aluminum, paraben, and sulfate. They use beta-gluten technology to fight odor while actually conditioning and strengthening underarm skin.  It’s time to upgrade from drugstore to LAVANILA.


OLE HENRIKSEN Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster: Behold the power of vitamin C!  The five source vitamin C complex supports natural collagen production, brightens skin, minimizes fine lines, and defends against free radical damage.  Sound too good to be true?  Read some of it’s overwhelmingly positive reviews.  This anti-oxidant rich oil-free serum is a must for keeping skin young and bright.


Aveeno Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser: Aveeno is one of the most trusted names in skincare and with good reason. This cleanser is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin (like your child’s) but powerful enough to remove a full face of makeup.  The fragrance-free formula contains the natural calming agent feverfew to reduce redness, and the price is right.

WEN by Chaz Dean Healthy Hair Care Kit: There are two kinds of people in the world – people who use WEN and everyone else.  Talk to anyone who uses WEN and they will gladly go on and on about what an amazing product it is.  With ingredients like aloe vera juice and almond sweet oil, WEN nourishes, not just cleanses.  After just a few uses, hair is noticeably healthier and softer. Poor over-processed hair deserves to be treated to some WEN.

SK-II Signs Eye Mask: The eyes are the windows to the soul, and the under-eye area is the window to how little a mom sleeps.  Fake a good night’s sleep with this SK-II Signs Eye Make.  Just 15 minutes is all it takes to hydrate, firm, and brighten.  Time is precious, but eyes that don’t lead to people asking “Are you sick?” is also priceless.

Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System: Simply know as “The Mia”, this Clarisonic cleansing system is a favorite among skincare professionals.  This little brush has revolutionized skincare.  This bad boy rotates over 300 times per second obliterating dirt and oil and unclogging pores.  Skin is cleansed so thoroughly that all other products absorb better.  Most people will notice a difference after just one use!
clarisonic mia Face Brush

Origins Well Off Makeup Remover: Constant rubbing and tugging at your skin to get every last trace of makeup is no good, especially when it comes to super sensitive skin around the eyes because it’s going to speed up the wrinkle process.  Going to bed with a full face of war paint is no good either. Instead of having to pick the lesser of two evils, there’s Origins Well Off Makeup Remover, thank God.  Not only does it work at removing all evidence of a smoky eye, it doesn’t leave your face feeling like you burnt off its top two layers. It’s a win/win.

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm: These might be the cutest products on the market. How can you not want to grab one (or 10)?  These sticks are available in such a wide variety of colors that there is literally a shade for everyone. The beauty of these sticks is that they don’t only look great, but they’re super hydrating and feel amazing on. Time to treat yourself!
chubby stick
PHYTO Phytophanère Hair And Nails Dietary Supplement:  There is nothing worse than waiting for a haircut to grow out…nothing.  Ease the pain by trying PHYTO Phytophanere Hair and Nails Dietary Supplement.  This daily supplement has a combination of Omega 3s and 6s, vitamins, minerals, and oils to help your hair, nails, skin, and even eyelashes.  No guarantees it will turn you into Rapunzel overnight, but it will help growing out that ill-advised Miley Cyrus cut.

BlowPro Faux Dry Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoo is a lifesaver.  Sometimes a shower, shampoo, condition, and blow dry just aren’t in the cards, and that’s why every mom should have dry shampoo on hand.  Just spray BlowPro Faux Dry Dry Shampoo and your greasy locks are transformed into clean, fresh, volume crazy tresses.  Faux Dry is the perfect way to extend a blowout for a couple extra days, and it won’t leave a powdery residue like a lot of other dry shampoos.


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