While you might think you have to do some type of aerobic activity to burn calories, you can actually burn a significant amount by doing lots of little things too. while we aren’t encouraging you to skip out on the gym, take pleasure in knowing that your daily chores are burning a good amount of calories! These calculations are based on a 150 pound woman.

Brushing your teeth for two minutes: 5.7 calories

Kissing for 30 minutes: 36 calories

Folding Clothes for 30 minutes: 72 calories

Ironing for 30 minutes: 77 calories

Mopping for 30 minutes: 153 calories

Raking leaves for 30 minutes: 171 calories

Playing cards: 117 calories

Preparing dinner for 30 minutes: 74 calories

Sweeping for 10 minutes: 28 calories

Gardening for an hour: 300-350 calories

Sleeping for eight hours: 360 calories

Washing the car for 20 minutes: 102 calories

Vacuuming for 20 minutes: 56 calories

Sitting in a meeting for 30 minutes: 60 calories

Light office work: 56 calories per 30 minutes

Fifteen minutes of slow stair climbing: 119 calories

Eating celery: gain 6 calories but burn 40

Laughing for 15 minutes: up t0 50 calories

Rocking a baby for 35 minutes: 100 calories

Reading a book for 30 minutes: 20 calories


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