yoga class
Yoga fitness is sweeping the country, now more than ever. Yoga is great for flexibility and focus, but like any workout, it’s great to change up sometimes. With the changing of seasons, here are some cool yoga ideas for a hot summer workout.

1. SUP Yoga: Anything but ordinary, stand-up paddle board yoga combines the two activities. Available in cities from Chicago to Atlanta to Sausalito, SUP yoga gives you the chance to be out on the water, enjoying beautiful views, all the while mixing up your regular yoga routine. The calmly moving water allows you to engage your muscles even more than your dry-land practice. Classes are offered for beginners to standup paddle boarding as well as more advanced boarders. (photo credit here)

2. Aqua Yoga: Nothing is more relaxing than a nice swim… unless you add in calming yoga moves. Water plays a double-role in this fitness practice: it allows less strain on joints while adding a slight resistance for strength-building. (photo credit here)

outside yoga
3. Yoga on location: Tree pose, pigeon pose, downward-facing dog… yoga is all about becoming closer and more aware of nature. So what better place to practice your asanas than outdoors? Yoga can be even more rewarding with the summer sun shining down on you and feeling grass between your toes. Check out your local yoga studio! Many offer yoga in the park, on the beach, or by the lake.
yoga festival
4. Yoga festivals: Summer is festival time and it’s not just for music fans. Make a trip to a yoga festival this year! Wanderlust Festival is a multi-city, multi-media yoga festival where you can meet and practice with other enthusiasts. There are music performances as well and lots of other natural health and fitness related fun! (photo credit here)