Walking is one of the easiest, lowest impact methods of exercise around, but that doesn’t mean that it should be discounted. Walking can be an amazing calorie torcher; you just need to make sure that you are giving each and every mile your all.

Below are some of the benefits of exercise as well as ways to rev up your routine. Are you ready? Get your shoes on!



1. Low impact: Being active can whittle your middle, but for some, running, jumping or climbing can be too painful on already sore joints. If this is the case for you, try walking. It is a gentle form of exercise that can keep you from becoming sluggish and immobile.

2. Mood booster: As with any exercise, you can improve your mood just by breaking a sweat. So get up, lace your shoes and head out the door.

3. Energy generator: It seems counterproductive to work out when all you can think of doing is sleeping, but by working out you end up creating more energy for yourself in the long run. Exercise can increase the oxygen and nutrients that are delivered to your heart and lungs and when they work more efficiently, you have more energy. (via Mayo Clinic)


1. Challenge yourself! Nothing will rev you up more than when you work hard to achieve a goal. There are plenty of apps out there that will motivate you to move harder, faster, longer. You can check out some of those fitness apps here.


2. Go-Go Gadget! Treat yourself to a new gadget to spark some newfound excitement in your routine. The Fitbit will count your daily steps, and it loads via Bluetooth to an app on your phone. If you have friends who also own Fitbits, you can compare your steps per day and work hard to be #1.


3. Find a new path, or visit a populated area. Nothing can distract you more than new surroundings, and distractions lead to walking longer distances. If you often find yourself moving along the same exact path, getting bored or dreading heading out the door, find a new trail — your motivation will come swinging back!

cardio stairs

4. Find a workout partner. If you’ve been walking alone and are missing out on girl talk time, find a friend who is willing to walk with you. Invite them to join you on your walks and use that time to break a sweat and catch up.