I am a huge believer in all things in moderation. If you tell me I can’t have something, chances are I will continuously obsess on that particular item until I get my hands on it. Just ask my husband about those boots he said I shouldn’t buy because I have a boot collection that could rival Carrie Underwood’s. Okay, maybe not a good example of moderation, but those boots look so pretty in my closet right now.

The same holds true in the realm of weight loss. While we vow to focus on eating our greens and cutting out sweets and fatty foods, the fact remains that our taste buds don’t always follow the intentions of our healthy goals. This is when implementing savory splurges throughout your eating plan can actually help ensure success, rather than swearing off all treats and then falling victim to a stress-induced late night free-for-all fling with Ben & Jerry.

Here are four fail-safe treats based on the most common cravings that you can incorporate into your healthy eating on occasion (think “once a week treat”) without busting your waistline goals.

1. The Need for Cheese! Sometimes a cheesy dish like macaroni and cheese is calling your name. Well, answer it! With this recently updated Skinny Mom exclusive recipe for Skinny Mac and Alfredo, not only will your taste buds thank you, but so will your family! This family-friendly recipe comes in at a mere 300 calories per serving and packs a creamy, cheesy, pasta punch without sacrificing your weight loss goals. Look for whole wheat pasta noodles for an even healthier option.


2. Chocolate Withdrawal. Before you go hunting for the Halloween candy you hid at the top of the pantry months ago, try these Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Banana Bites. These frozen treats can not only satisfy the need (yes, I said need) for chocolate, but also fill that frozen treat craving without turning to high-fat ice cream treats. This is also a quick and easy make ahead recipe that you can store in the freezer for potential moments of weakness.  Remember, you’re human. Cravings happen. Prepare ahead.


3. Fast Food Fix. While fast food is off limits, a good burger is not! Skinny Mom has an abundance of skinny burger recipes that won’t erase your healthy eating efforts, but this Skinny Worcestershire Turkey Burger is a great place to start.  A juicy, tasty burger doesn’t have to be a “cheat”; in fact, it can be a nutritionally balanced treat!


4. Salty Cravings.
Before you bust open that pack of store-bought potato chips that you conveniently forgot to throw away when you started your new eating ambitions, look for alternatives to satisfy the cravings you have. These Skinny Baked Sweet Potato Chips are a perfect alternative to snacking without jeopardizing fitting into your skinny jeans. Check out 6 Delish Potato Chip Makeovers for more tasty alternatives!